Roger Smyth

Roger Smyth ….

Roger Smyth is an independent advisor, consultant and commentator on tertiary education.

He has more than 30 years’ experience working in senior roles in tertiary education – in university management, in government and as a consultant.

Until April 2017, he was Group Manager, Tertiary Education Policy at the Ministry of Education.

Before joining the Ministry in 2002, he worked for 14 years as an academic manager at Lincoln University, becoming Assistant Vice-Chancellor in 2001.

  • Thirty plus years’ experience in senior management in tertiary education.
  • An in-depth understanding of tertiary education systems, their performance and dynamics. An understanding of the political and policy context that governs tertiary education.
  • Successful experience in leadership in tertiary education policy development and advice. A focus on linking policy to evidence and research findings.
  • Experience in public sector organisational performance assessment and machinery of government.
  • Expertise in evaluative performance analysis, statistical analysis and performance assessment in tertiary education. The author of 25+ published analyses of tertiary education.
  • Experience and expertise in international and comparative system analysis.  Participation as an expert member of OECD country education system reviews.
  • A skilled communicator – a fluent writer and an engaging presenter.

Read a summary of his CV , read a summary of his clients and consultancy projects here and find links to his analytical publications here

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